Sunday, 28 March 2010

parents evening.

hello Ms Mahoney, Thank you for coming.

Well, I don't know what to say. Sean is doing well for sean. His attendance and punctuality, good. Good. For Sean. I mean he doesn't put his hand up never speaks in class never handed in homework through the term that's passed.

I mean, It's a bit obvious he's not going to be a rocket scientist. I mean, it's not rocket science. heh.

Mrs Mahoney. Please sit down.
uhhhhhhh- wow. Talkative isn't he?
There's a tendency to spout off on these long-winded rants at any opportunity. He's nice but in that class he can honestly at-times-be unruly. I just don't seem him ever having any interest in poetry.

Hello Ms Mahoney.
Your son is... Sean. oh yeah. him. well where do i begin. no complaints. He fits in, does what is given. what else. sorry i really don't know what to tell you- i think he pays attention..?

Ms? Mahoney. Mahoney, mahoney, ma---honey. Sean. where do i start. you know what, in his defence the other day he said something interesting in class. he said 'sir i'd love to do the work i just don't have the heart. My mind moves too fast' i think he said it to get a laugh. i mean if you look at his grades it evidently isn't the case. His performance has slipped since he's got that eczma on his face.

Ms Mahoney! Before you leave, i just wanted to talk to you. you see, i don't think, Sean, i don't think he's very focused and i don't know how well he's going to do on the gcse's and- well i think i might put him on a course as a mechanic. what you think?

I've never done a hundred press-ups in one go. But I've never done a press-up wrong. So don't tell me I'm out of rhythm when I'm dancing to a different song.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

in case you didn't know.

never really been worthy
how could i touch her flawless skin
when my fingernails were so dirty?
and i don't know if it hurt me
the words I'm looking for are- numb pain
i would walk for hours just hoping for some rain
angel's tears on my face, like 'sean we feel the same'
i love her, earned and deserve her
but that's not the way love works.
why do the nicest girls always go for the jerks?
I'd come back from work
my spirit depleted soul defeated but her smile
made me feel well worth my while
it birthed the man who shrugs off denial,
invites in every single emotion
as i know love never comes alone
she brings the type of shit that stops you
from answering the phone, the type
of anger that has your future postponed
but a life without love is like a house without a home
and i've never needed a throne,
just a big bottomed babe that smiles when she mis-behaves
hair that bounces when she dances, unafraid.
to raise stakes.
to take chances
but make no mistake
i don't need that either. and neither did i ever need her
even though i may have thought i did, and god knows
i never kept that feeling hid- my feeling now can only
be described as: big. not bigger, like bigger than you,
than some. no, just the biggest one of all the seans before that have come
what I'm trying to say is.

i LIKE my dirty fingernails just the way they are.
a-thank you.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


i wish i haven't hurt her
hurt her, like the women before
how i was struck by the thunder
if i put some words on paper
there's a rush to call it a love-letter
Hurt her like the woman I've hurt before
Hurt her because I don't want to have
the only wounds that are sore
and they said she was a heart breaker
but she only ever made my heart pump blood faster
if currency was laughter we could've tipped the bartender
lots of beer was drunk as we knew tonight we'd sleep together
I thought it was rather sweet.
But whatever
The truth hurts but time heals
tell you now and hopefully
in time you will feel better
my skin is worn out leather
over time I've fallen apart
and can no longer face the weather
funny on how a hand to hold
can make you feel that much warmer
but i have to leave you now
as i can never be your lover
heartbreakers make my heart pump blood faster

new york rain sure falls slow
no hard pain of pitter patter, LDN doth now.

Friday, 5 March 2010

ESOL, I know right?

Okay, so I work with Immigrants quite often nowadays. I know right? It's done through hampstead theatre, called ESOL it helps those that have english as a second language to develop confidence with speaking in front of people, writing, pronunciation, all that jazz. The whole thing is quite a laugh really.
A couple of weeks ago I was brought in to work with some level one students (bear in mind these students are nearly all middle-aged- bear in mind these people barely know english at all) and we created a script that was quite funny. for me anyway. and here i am, sharing it with you! enjoy.

Scene 7
The head teacher, teaching assistant, melissa and melissa's mother are in the head teachers office.

Head teacher: Thank you for coming, so what's going on?

Teaching assistant: I saw Melissa setting off the fire alarm

Melissa: No i didn't

TA: Yes i saw you

M: No, she doesn't like me.

TA: Melissa that's not the point at all- that i don't like you.

Mother: how dare you talk to my child like that.

HT: Everbyody calm down!

TA: Melissa I don't want to have any problems with you

M: Whatever (does whatever hand sign. you know it)

TA: You have to change your behaviour, I really want to get on with you.

HT: Melissa it's the first day of school. Don't make a lot of trouble like you did las year.

M: Oooh what? I make trouble? She took the key for the lunch boxes!

TA: WHY would i take the key?

M: Maybe you where hungry! I've had enough, I'm taking my chile home. We'll never be back.

mother and daughter exit.

HT: Don't worry about them. She's always like this. I'll talk to you later.

End scene.


Thursday, 4 March 2010

flashing lighter.

keep up with me in london town move real quick and my face is found the concrete rocks knocked down got put into nasty blocks nazis blew off our socks rebuilt but where are we now? in a the same shit hole but safe and sound no one wants the star around, he's too much for the weaker now, now I'm killing all I'm brighter now, those that can't take it better exit now or become i devout. I do this, better than them, many men came and went while I still refuse to relent Simply heaven sent player, women wooer dragon slayer fortress taker quite simply that motherfucker if she can smell me you couldn't even touch her, she's the lover of mine now, somehow some way, i manage to nod my head to decent beats every single day, classic like doris day show boris johnson lay low one pound twenty for bus how could you say so? That's the way it goes, took our votes but it's all the same, every politician got a different name but they're all fucking lame useless monologues spouting- twenty one years and counting for a better aim, either that or hope to hear what someone's saying is worth saying, im just saying, truth be told the brave and the bold ideal has gotten old. whoever's got the ball wants to pass in front of an open goal. and for fifteen minutes we're willing to sell our soul, that or it's just the way the truth is sold, news for the world gives us girls, gets us hard for boobs instead of hitting us with hard truth, we'd tell the the truths but in that there's money to loose so why change, does that mean intelligence gives no change, they wanna keep the working class the same surely insane, everything needs to be rearranged or am i just derranged? Twenty one but stuck in a teen age, the devils at our door asking what we're gonna fight for, what's the cause, trouble in the street and darfour whatever way you go it's bad end you're going towards- and I got no prophecy or religion, my mouth wrights what was written but it was my eyes what witnessed them and only those can i trust an ugly face but the light shines from this dust. couldn't give a fuck but i will lusting for a thrill all i need is one more pill smile on my face like the can't be real. Take a hit a dose who does what they love the most? that's the man who haunts our lives like a ghost. Till I'm him i'll find it hard to care, I'm a million pounds short from a millionaire but if you met me you know I'll get there. See you when you get there, if you ever get there, hard to care for everyone we always want a perfect day but why deny a setting sun there are other truths to be won so i run for trust of those that's get me to the point where im not running for the bus. I sigh it makes my day because "us" used to be me and girl but now my other half is the entire world, she's pretty heavy so i go on top don't stop don't know if she can take what i've got on lock one love from above im fly no need to ask the question why would you ask a bird why it flies why electrics slide on the dance floor people people why jay's at the top for, because they all imitate in the hope of finding what's great. Water is not rock why be another state? How are we going to show our place when you're sounding like you're from the united states? such a state and here i am writing to a beat made by kanye if you noticed it touche mon frere what i do to those that aren't it's unfair but now you know a few of my views see if you wanna check out the viper D cobra lightfooted warrior and, and, and i have to breathe, and i, i can't believe, all i see is embodied in me, and all i see is a part of me, and if all i ever be is a part of you, i hope to- to make that part a little more true

Monday, 1 March 2010

rained in.

I'm all she knows
I keep her close
loosen her bows
remove her clothes
I'm all she shows
she's all i see
all I'll need
no less than we, are
rolling, roll in.
move in, moving
growing, grow in
I take her slow
and breathe her in
break bridges
I'll make again
she holds my pose
I ignite her glow
the only night i wont let go
and if the lights never went low...
and the lights then went low.

(had mad love
though i wouldn't give it
meant to say I always loved
but never could admit it)