Thursday, 28 January 2010


i loved her first but put her second
tell her now and on the record
truthfully i reckon
if the spotlight never beckoned
we wouldn't be in this position

if the spotlight never beckoned
back when we were
and it was but it still is
too hard to recall
somedays i cant stand tall
i wanna give you a phone call
when the world gets too big to breathe in

on another heart we get dependent
no one will give what you can't get
shouldn't forget wen we first met
no one understood them then
the two young lovers in camden
now tear drops in my eyes
your name on my phone i breath in

shouldn't take what you know you'll break
but back when we where
and it was
remember when
and back then
now you're
too close
to call a friend
too far away
to ever love again
put my heart in the pen
painted prose for when
she listens to the story of my life
can't love the only woman i like
I'll have to love her in what i write
hair nose teeth ears
truth belief pain from fears
with past being another road
leads to a hurt but strength unfolds
and yes we could say
all humans have these things
but only when we bring
a certain something
makes every heart sing
and how do you define the thing?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Baby steps

Two pounds change
spent on chalk farm chicken
with varicose veins
the sky is dark blue
in the type of winter
you wade through
In my hand is a cold can
of mirinda, the poor mans
The bus comes slightly ahead of me
so i sort of jog and quietly hide my fatigue
It's more of a rumble and my head rattles
on the window. The light blue bus going past
hampstead heath musics played from behind
my seat I'm writing about london clouds
then throw an evening standard away from me
the front cover was about the casualties of haiti.
Baby steps.

Friday, 22 January 2010


hows my girl down Korea way
I met her after my session
at the internet cafe
tell my parents new york is great
and I'm doing okay
that I've found a menial job
with semi-decent pay.
her little legs with a lot in them
are perfectly shaped
she bounces on me
it makes my day
while sneaking a lingering touch
other than that there's
not much else to say
it was an unspoken moment
on korea way, just off broadway.

good shit from the vault 08


"when so many love you,
is it the same?"

if everyone loved you would it desensitise the feeling of love? and when you love someone, you'd be breaking others hearts, perhaps without knowing. the other thing is, would it hurt more or less if you were turned down?

Imagine that, being born a heartbreaker- it could only be a woman- you would have to make sure you didn't smile at people too much. Horrible.

If you were mean it'd be a gift
but only a curse for the good.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

stuff to go by

Learn the ritual
or write the passage
go the old road
or see if you can manage
to be both truly tortured
and nurtured
surviving off
and learning from
the best and worst
of yourself

Friday, 15 January 2010

With great power...

... Comes great responsibility

Monday, 11 January 2010


The fairy lights sparkle
boy checks his breath
and thanks god he gargled
wrestle with the pen,
odds of her with him were one to ten
teenage angst makes no sense
especially when you're twenty
and not the first time
you've been with a pretty lady
she, got a body that's unfair
not quite sure if he got the chance
on how he'd handle that derriere
he knows dragons lore
but is unprepared for an answer
to the question she is asking "for
how long will you be doing
what you've been trying to do
and if it doesn't work
will you be willing
to try something new?"
it was like there was a dagger in his pocket
but was hesitant to use it
slipping in his palm he began to feel useless
what's good a weapon
when you're stumbling over a question?
did i forget to mention
his truth often left him
conscience hovers over head like the jetsons
so jet son not with this one
I would love to say you know how i do
but if you did you'd do it too
and from the looks of things
it's evident that it isn't true
true enough truth will make you
want to scuff
don't act too tough before you're called on your bluff
walk in walk out or
you'll be left with a bigger hole than your big mouth
a gaping soul
broken hearts
from the start
he gave her answer that could have torn the night apart
"forever and no
because this is all i can do
but if i get far enough you can come too"
her lovin' lookin was liken to reese witherspoon
it could been she was saying
you complete me too
gave me a big old kiss like
roll the dice is all we ever do
constantly learn from the lesson
each time the effect is lessened
put the pen to the hand
then pen to the page
carry on till the next ice age
so when my soul leave my body
put these words on my coffin
sean mahoney never stopped for nobody
or nothin'
but before that time comes
let the fairy lights shine
dates over won her over
lets make for lost time
and we'll come to mine
real rhymes from a iron mind
put your ear to my soul
and feel your heart shine.