Thursday, 26 August 2010

old focus

I give too much time
to those that don't want any of mine
the demons keep in toe
whenever I walk the line
just to whisper in my ear
I'll belong to them in time
the world is in my back pocket
I just don't know it yet
concrete jungle on my back and it
hasn't even made me sweat
I wanna connect with everyone i never met
why try with the ones I see? they'll never know me
better if we didn't meet I'm too jaded
big bold lines cel shaded jet set on radios
so lets get ready if you're set then go
go, go, go-go far everyone
is trying to act smart or hard
little do they know the greatest sound
comes from the heart
my words take me to the stars
while weaker dudes are trapped in their own bars

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