Friday, 16 April 2010

let it be.

I lover her,
More than everyone i have ever loved before
And every day I've got to say i love her a little more
climbing up exploring all of her flaws i wont fall
She's her own art form
Because it's different to what's represented 
in film and music
the fast heart pumping in my chest 
proves it
it's expressed through-to an untrained eye- a mess
i go under the ground then swim through her head
such big eyes i wi fi connect and get high-refreshed
i wont know any other flesh no need to reflect
because she's her own self; her own being
being with me. honey. makes me feel like a G

with a little bit of lemon she's my favourite drink
baby you make me think- from my pen you could swear
it was jay electronicas ink hold her so tight
i've ingrained my fingerprints on her skin
where do we begin? we begin from endings
birthed a look that in turn returned the loving feeling
i had craved. now i write in that manner so cliched
but what the hell I'll write about it anyway-way
in that unexplainable but so good makes you try to explain it anyway-way
I'm way off where I've been
and carry every image i have seen
so excuse me if i only ever want to see the prettiest things
get you in my inner-view- erykah badu gets close to saying what i want to

and as you hear me shout
the love that many lie about
know that I'm saying that sex is fantastic
when it's with someone you love 
it goes past being just better than masturbation 
it's- another form of communication,
a better way of expressing your love to that very special person
don't search for it
sell yourself cheap for it
definitely don't go on a dating service
honestly i don't know how it's done
if there was we'd no one would be alone
ah do what you want. safe.

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